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Personas represent the main target groups

Personas are stereotypes of certain stakeholder groups. They help to empathize with otherwise abstract descriptions of e.g. customer groups. We identified two main groups of people who visit Those who want to learn more about the book and those who already have it and want to work with some of our auxiliary offerings. The start screen helps to guide them through our website.

The customer journey of new customers

Through observations and contextual interviews we analyzed the information processing of people interested in the book. Based on these user needs we structured the information and its quantity. So users are guided from a very brief info on the book to finally where to get it.

The customer journey of users owning the book

Users who own a book already or at least know what it is about, are predominantly interested in downloading the customer journey canvas or the icons. Did we say that we are also working on a software tool which will make the process of designing service systems quicker and easier? Register now to be among the first to know when we release our beta version.

We take the “line of interaction” seriously. Well, not quite. However, beneath it we provide an overview on what other people say about TiSDT in the most important social media. Underneath you can find mistakes we discovered in the book and our contact details. As this information doesn't refer to a specific user group, it is in an area accessible from every part of the website.

Transparent feedback system

The UserVoice feedback system is a great way to provide feedback, ideas on how to improve the experience and critics what's wrong.


Errata and imprint


Here is a list of typos and
mistakes we found so far in
the book. Please help us
to continously develop this list.

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